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Jan 17, 2013 5:00pm PST
be the most bizarre. an outstanding player at notre dame, manti te'o. he was training for what is believed to be a fantastic pro clear. but focus has shifted to this bizarre and confusing fraud. manti te'o was an all-american heisman finalist two led after overachieving notre dame football team to the national championship game, where he reportedly fought through the deaths of his grandmother and girlfriend. a story he shared with the nation and espn. >> she was trying to console me and my grandmother and i was just out it. the last thing she said is i love you. >> reporter: but it turns out that was a lie. as the shocking story spread, te'o said the two had never met in person but had grew to love each other online. he same he was the victim of a sick joke and constant lows. some outlets have speculated a family friend in hawaii may be responsible for the hoax. >> he had previously gotten some other guys suckered into this fake relationship. >> reporter: but there are growing questions about whether he and his family were also involved. >> it would take a pretty clueless guy to fall for t
Jan 19, 2013 5:00pm PST
will show you what notre dame linebacker manti teo is saying. >> there are some dangerous continues today for the beach and a preview of the maverick surf contest. >>> good evening, we talked about the high surf all week. today the surf got up to about ten feet. expect it to crest by 20, 30 feet by tomorrow and warm conditions. we will talk more about how warm it will be for your sunday coming up. >>> on the eve of the maverick surf contest, dangerous surf and strong riptides are forcing surfers out of the water. a number of surfers were caught in the riptides this afternoon and the coast guard responded to the scene. monte francis is at ocean beach with an update. hopefully they're okay, monte. >> that is the good news. they are all okay. we have a car horn going off here, we apologize for that. total of six surfers, they got into some kind of distress here today. the good news, they're all okay. one of them suffered a minor injury. the conditions were rough earlier today. as you can see behind me, it's calmed down considerly. the coast guard came through on a life boat earlier and told
Jan 30, 2013 5:00pm PST
to comment on the suit. >> and now to the latest of the manti tayou host. dr. phil sat down with the man that played the hoax. he said that he started to develop feelings with the player. and that made him confused about his sexuality. he said that it was his voice on the phone and that the player had no role in the hoax. >> if you think that jim harbaugh is passionate about football. wait until you meet the parents. >> safe and sound, an update to the story that we brought you at the top of the news cast. firefighters did manage to rescue the white dog that you see there, the dog was trapped ever after falling over the side. the dog's 45-year-old owner fell down the cliff also, trying get the dog back up. which is about 75 feet down. the woman though is reported in series condition. the dog is doing okay. this is the second time, just this week that the park has had to come out and try to rescue a dog and its owners, they say it happens quite a bit, about eight times a year. >> well the most talked about parents in america, at least this week they are, jack and jackie harbaugh, as in th
Jan 20, 2013 5:00pm PST
he was a victim of an elaborate hoax and now manti te'o will go on camera for the first time since the bizarre story broke on wednesday about a girlfriend who never existed. his parents are planning the interview on a syndicated talk show on thursday. he insisted he was a victim of a hoax and not a participant. he said he had an online relationship with a woman he never met and in september was told that she had died from leukemia. he told espn that the person suspected of being the mastermind of that hoax has contacted him and apologized. >>> we are going to check in rob mayeda, because today had to be one of the most beautiful january days in the bay area. >> yes. tough to top 76 degrees in santa cruz today. gorgeous out on the coast. right now, not too bad. low 60s outside. a clear, dry air in place. temperatures will be dropping off quickly. offshore winds backing off a little bit. still noticing some of that napa in fairfield right now. pillar point, still seeing swells offshore, close to 9 feet earlier this morning. we did have 15 to 20-foot waves earlier. the high surf advis
Jan 22, 2013 5:00pm PST
only on nbc, a 23-year-old woman who says her p¢#u%uu(j used without her permission to dupe manti te'o talked exclusively to the "today" show. a former classmate named ronaiah toiasosopo stole it. this woman teo eventually ended up calling his girlfriend. >> ronaiah has called, confessed and also apologized. i don't think he can say anything that would fix this. >> reporter: teo insists he was not aware of the prank and was a victim of the prank. >>> the teo story is a social networking cautionary tale. our business and tech reporter with how you can protect the most vulnerable, our kids. >> a lot of young people getting to know the online and social networking world. a time when they realize, not just games and youtube videos out there. potentially new friends, relationships and dangers, and if the teo story has taught us anything, even a college-educated grown person can get caught up in an online prank. imagine how easy for your child to fall prey to a flattering facebook post and get led down the path to identity theft or worse. the advice to parents? talk to your kids about soci
Jan 23, 2013 5:00pm PST
. >> manti te'o and his so-called online girlfriend continues tonight. the woman that was the false identity was in an interview tonight and she said that she never heard of him and they are both a victim of a set up. te'o said that he briefly lied about his online girlfriend after discovering she does not exist. but te'o mains that he had no parlt in creating that hoax. the family of junior seau have filed a lawsuit. it was found that he had chronic brain damage. the family is claiming that seau's suicide was the result of the brain disease that comes from severe blows to the head. they blame the nfl for not caring for the former players. >> turning to the 49 rs quest for super bowl six the players hit the field. and we hear about the promise they have made to themselves in the days leading up to the big game. >> absolutely. the 49ers had meetings yesterday, but today was the first practice here on the field here in the facility and under rainy skies they took to preparing for the 47th super bowl and while they were there, they were also more cameras and reporters than players. but the play
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6